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Let us know what it is you are looking for and when. We will find it, report on it and source it for you.



We can calibrate any measuring instrument, sensor or meter as per any international standard.



Need to certified materials, equipment or something else on foreign markets? Don’t know local regulations and laws? Then please contact us, we can do it for you!



We will organize complete transport route for you, in safest way, most reliable and at the lowest possible cost.

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E&A consulting d.o.o.

Sourcing and advisory services to support the complex supply chain of infrastructure and large scale projects. We contract with and source from some of the biggest names in industry helping solve cross border currency risk and supply issues, working closely with transport, customs and supply chain professionals.

  • Engineering and information management services
  • Calibration of various measuring instruments
  • Certification
  • Advisory services
  • Trained engineers and technicians
  • Team speaks many languages